Saturday, April 15, 2006

Matter Closed for Me

Yesterday a general apology was posted on the Slackers Forum by Dr. Doug (Papa Smurf). I would like to thank him. This was a noble gesture. Although I would never ask anyone to apologize to me for any reason whatsoever, this particular apology is appreciated. I consider this matter as it related to me closed.

I too regret if my interaction and storytelling caused some persons from the UU community, including Slacker members, to become upset or feel uncomfortable. It was not my intention. My stories and A/R characters are meant only to bring about a laugh, a little satire, and never personal ill will.

This does not mean I've decided to return to TCT. My decision to leave the The Cavern Today staff is a permanent decision. Over the next few weeks I plan to meet whatever obligations already assigned to me through my association withThe Cavern Players.

I continue to believe the Myst/URU/UU games are the finest storytelling and family friendly games available for play. I look forward to hearing about the future of URU Live. In the distant future I leave open the option to share the adventure of URU with a cavern full of new explorers. Until then I wish my supportive and loyal CCN collaborators much success, and the wider UU community much good will. I will miss you all.

Shorah b'shem
Ann/on behalf of Ruby O'Degee & Madge